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SteamChecklist is a website that allows you to track the completion of your Steam games.

Once you log in, SteamChecklist fetches a list of the games you own from Steam, and creates a checklist for you, with games automatically flagged as started or not started.

You can then check off games and mark them as finished, among other statuses.

SteamChecklist can do a bunch of other things, too:

  • Pick a random game that you have not completed
  • Add non-Steam games to your checklist
  • Add notes to your games
  • 'Star' a game to mark it as favorite or mastered
  • Switch between grid and list views
  • Generate a link to your checklist that you can share with others

It even has a system for methodically working through your backlog and discovering new games.

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Hey all,
I'm here to give you a little update.
As you know we've taken over Steamchecklist and we are currently working on improving the site in all kind of ways.

Some idea's we would like to work on:

  • New layout, including getting the site compatible on all kinds of devices and resolutions
  • Improving the backend
  • Adding a search option and other new functionalities
  • Social Media, we will try to spread the word and get on Facebook and Twitter

These are only a few of the planned changes.

Currently we are still trying to get to know how everything works exactly so we could improve or use this efficiently.

More news coming up soon !

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